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From Russian TV with Love

On Monday the 20th a Russian TV team visited the Gay Kids team in Oslo. They asked the rhetorical question whether Norwegian Kids really could relate in a positive way to family minorities and especially to love between women or love between men. The Gay Kids team (Lill-Ann, Rolf and Bera) answered this question with a definitive YES!!! Children, not only Norwegian, are cleverer than most adults think. The project has proven that whatever social background they have no problems in relating to other children or differences in family forms. Especially when the focus of the exhibition is that all grown ups, including gay women and gay men, once have been children too. This is common sense, but an important fact since we all tend to forget about it.


Gay Kids Brighton

Gay Kids UK, Childhood Revisited is coming to Brighton Pride Sept 1st.
2012!!! To put it simple, we want you to join the Childhood Revisited project, donating your childhood photos to an art exhibition at the Towner Museum (Eastbourne).

For more information about what the project is all about, look at “What is Gay Kids UK.” Images have to be scanned in a very high resolution and of no less than a 100MB (1200+dpi). I can be helpful scanning your images.

This exhibition is about the children we tend to forget about: Gay Kids. Please be a part of this wonderful project that proves that we were once children too.

Contact Lill-Ann: