Gay Kids UK first celeb?

In our tireless search of childhood pictures of grown up gay Brits to put in our book, comedian Alan Carr is high on the list of the most wanted. But after researching and reading his autobiography, “Look Who It Is!” from 2008, it is clear that he beat us to the punch. One of the funniest men in Britain included many of his childhood memories in photographic form in his book. Now our mission is to convince him to let us use a couple of them in our project. As luck would have it, Mr Carr is performing in Brighton at the Opening Night Gala of the Brighton Comedy Festival in October. The Gay Kids team won´t let that opportunity be missed. We´ll tell you all about it later.

And incase you read this blog Mr Carr, We Want You!!!!!

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Zhoosh! (The LGBTQ Community Network for Brighton and Hove) have decided to give Gay Kids UK a helping hand – mentioning our on-going project on their website. Thank you so much for helping us recruiting grown up Gay Kids from Sussex!!! Do you want to help us too? If you run a website, blog, twitter-feed or are up to something similar, you are hereby invited to do as Zhoosh. Please contact us if you have any questions about Gay Kids UK.