In my opinion, all Gay Kids must dare to be themselves. It is important not to change your way of life just because you turn out to be a lesbian woman or a gay man. When I was twenty I worked in a gay café in Bergen called Fincken. A lot of teenagers and students hang out there.  I noticed that the newcomers, after visiting the café once or maybe twice, started to dress and behave quite differently. It was like someone had told the girls that to be a lesbian you have to be different from other women. Maybe they thought they had to stop being girly girls and turn into tomboys because they were lesbians?

That’s totally wrong. When a girl falls in love in love with another girl it is often because they are besotted with everything feminine and everything girly.  For example, I love dresses and make-up, and the woman I am married to is the sweetest and most feminine girlfriend in the whole world.  She is really adorable.  All my life, even as a little kid, I have enjoyed wearing dresses. I especially remember a white, beautiful summer dress that I just adored.  When I grew older and it didn’t fit it any more, I was devastated. I just cried and cried and was inconsolable.  That’s how much I loved that dress.


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