Bjorn G Iversen 1974



Gay Kids Norway is a storybook for children. Nonetheless grown-ups such as parents, teachers and adult Gay Kids can enjoy it too. The 239 pages long book is divided into six chapters that can be read independently. The first three chapters are about being a kid, having friends and belonging to a family, whatever family means. You can also read about what it means to belong to a Norwegian minority – such as having an immigrant background, belonging to a non-protestant faith or simply just being gay. Love between women and love between men is described in a child centred way. But most of all Gay Kids Norway, the book, is all about being a child.

Some of the sections are easy to read and reflect upon. Some are more difficult to digest. The easy sections are meant for children in the age group from 10 to 12 years old and include mostly illustrations, amateur childhood photographs and a line or two from the oral history interviews. Other sections are meant for older children, teenagers or really clever kids. The amateur childhood photographs are then adorned with longer quotations from the oral history interviews and with research based knowledge about gays and lesbians and their lives through the last 100 years in Norway. The more difficult parts are marked with red cherries.

A glossary is found at the end of the book. Here, words that some kids can find difficult are explained.

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