Folkestad Family


In most families the majority of Kids grow up to be quite ordinary heterosexuals.

The Folkestad family has turned this rule up side down. Mummy and Daddy Folkestad have four Kids. Their names are Philip, Anette, Thomas and Helene. The only non Gay Kid in the family is Helene. She is 25 years old and wants to marry a man. Helene is not embarrassed by this fact.

As a matter of fact she finds it quite hilarious. Even though Philip, Anette and Thomas represent the Gay norm; they don’t bully Helene for being the deviant one in the family.  Now and then they ask Helene if she could join them and be a Gay Kid too. Then they could ask to be enrolled in the Guinness book of records. They argue that no family in the whole world can compete with the Folkestads when it comes to producing Gay Kids!!!!

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