September the 27th the Norwegian Gay Kids team got published an article in national Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. Here is an English translation:

Who decides what it means to be a girl or a boy. Is it your parents, your classmates or yourself? Who has decided that pink is a girly and blue is a boyish colour? Recently this has been a much-debated topic among grown-ups, so called experts on gender and sexuality, here in Norway. Grown-ups can be quite opinionated. Don’t listen to them. It is of the outmost importance that you yourself find out what you like and don’t like to do or how to dress as a girl or a boy. And remember; how you like to behave and dress doesn’t define who you are.


In the old days some grown-ups thought that they could figure out if a man or a woman was gay. It is quite obvious, they would say, one can see it even though the man was not kissing his boyfriend or the women was not holding her girlfriend’s hand. Experts told us that all lesbian women were supposed to look mannish and all gay men were supposed to look feminine. Sometimes it is like that, but most of the time it is not. Today, anyway, most Norwegian parents – as British – don’t care if their son or daughter is a princess or an action hero. Basically your parents are concerned with your health and happiness. And love is love. Whether you fall in love with a girl or a boy, it’s exactly the same emotions! Some grown-ups, regrettably, still find it disturbing.

The decision is totally yours!

It is up to you to decide what kind of girl or boy you want to be. It is also up to you to decide whom you want to be friendly with, when you want to be left alone and what life choices you want to pursue. All this and more is up to you to decide – and it has nothing to do with being girly or boyish or heterosexual or gay. Don’t let grown-ups trick you into believing something else!!!! Even though they claim to be experts.

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