Per-Kristian, former Chancellor of the Exchequer of Norway and Gay Kid

I knew that I fell in love with boys in my teens, but I didn´t tell anyone before the age of 25. I have never been ashamed of being gay, but I was a bit of a loner, confused and keeping myself to myself trying to figure out whom I was. I thought that I might be gay, but the only gay men I knew were feminine. That simply wasn´t me. I liked things to be tough and masculine. Growing up I didn’t dream about becoming a politician, but a fire fighter or even a train driver. So I pondered a lot and thought that it couldn’t be true that I was a boy who liked boys. But I was wrong. Because when I grew up I realized there was a lot of gay men, who were masculine men just like me. When I finally accepted I was gay I became a lot more confident and my life as a loner was finally over.

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