Gay Kids has international ambitions and our ultimate goal is to
establish Gay Kids North Korea sometime in the distant future as a grand
finale on our world tour. Although a pretty unrealistic goal, it paints a
picture about how far we want to travel to spread our message of respect
and equality.

But once in a while we come across stories that lifts our spirits. Hamid
Zaher is from Afghanistan, a country where homosexuality is punishable by
death. Hamid now resides in Canada, and use his voice to talk about how
it was growing up gay in Afghanistan.

People like Hamid have a uniqe perspective on things and we salute his
openness. Keep it up, your contribution to the development of the world
is like a Mastercard. Priceless.

Check out Hamid´s story to the BBC here.














Our favourite british talk show is back on the air at jolly old BBC. That´s right, QI is back for the J season with Stephen Fry at the helm. Stephen, if you read this. You are on our short list of wanted british ambassadeurs to the Gay Kids project in 2014, so expect a call in the near future. And good luck with the season.