Most children and grown ups have read or heard the story about The Ugly Duckling written by the world famous Danish author of fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875).

Hans Christian never married. In his diaries he wrote about some women he met, but it is an open secret that he wrote love letters to male friends that he admired. He even proposed. That makes him a Gay Kid. Being a Gay Kid in Denmark 200 years ago wasn’t that easy. One could easily be teased and bullied. So what did Hans Christian do? He became world famous by writing fairy tales about being different and wrongfully rejected. Some historians argue that the story about The Little Mermaid, who suffered and died because the prince she loved could not love her, is all about Hans Christian and the man he adored, Edvard Collin. And what about the story of the ugly duckling ridiculed by the whole duckling society – that turned into a beautiful, majestic and much admired swan? Read the story again with the perspective of Andersen being a Gay Kid, and the story gets a whole new meaning.

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