“Gay Kids UK – Childhood Revisited”, a work in progress, is a photo exhibition and a richly illustrated book documenting the childhoods of grown up Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-persons (LGBT -persons). The men and women participating will represent all walks of life, generations, ethnicities and are geographically from all over Britain. Hopefully the project will be an important contribution to the history of British childhood by making visible the preadolescence of men and women who have fallen in love with a person of the same sex later on in life. The project aims at promoting visibility andmutual respect for individual choices and different family constellations as a foundation for an open and inclusive British society – a society in which homosexual love is still one of childhoods taboos.

“Gay Kids UK – Childhood Revisited” is a spin off of a Norwegian project – the award-winning children’s book and art exhibition “Gay Kids – Gay People Were Young Once Too”. The exhibition and the associated book has been a nationwide success since 2008 when it opened at The Museum of Cultural History in Oslo by Gay Kid and former Chancellor of the Exchequer of Norway Per Kristian Foss

Gay Kids UK as Gay Kids Norway is not just an art exhibition. The package is meant to be an educational tool used in schools. Our experience is that an artistic approach to the LGBT -minority makes it easier for young people to talkabout being gay and can be an excellent tool to counteract prejudice. Hopefully the intended Towner exhibition at Eastbourne will generate interest and travel extensively all over Britain.

Are you a grown up British Gay Kid who wants to participate – and donate pictures and your childhood memories to the project? Please contact Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty or Bera Ulstein Moseng.