Welcome to Youchat Meet Up at Maihaugen, Lillehammer, Saturday August 31st. Photo: Erik André Nes

Youchat invites you to a meet up at Maihaugen Saturday Augsut 31st. A guided tour through the Gaykids exhibition is a part of the day!

Youchat welcomes you to their meet up at Maihaugen. This is what they say in their invite posted on their webpages:

“The Youchat meet up is open for you that are young, gay, lesbian, bi, queer or trans. Or maybe you are not sure yet? At the meet up you will get to know other young people who may have some of the same experience as yourself. At the meet up we will talk about the different questions we might have, choices we take and also share our own experiences with others. We will talk about identity, coming out, falling in love, sex, family, friendship and social network, amongst other topics you would like to discuss. There will also be a guided tour through the Gaykids exhibition at Maihaugen, which we think will be a good way to start this Saturday!”

When: Saturday August 31st
Where: Maihaugen, Lillehammer (Maihaugveien 1, 2609 Lillehammer)
Age: Up to 20 years
Who: The meet up is for you if you would like to meet other people, share your experiences or listen to other peoples experiences and maybe learn something new and get a new friend or two.

Sign up HERE!

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